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Yo Buds!

2017-10-15 16:05:38 by SailorMoonRocks01

I'm back. Things are still crazy but... My father is getting the right treatment now. So.. YAY! :3


I was suppose to post this on my mom birthday. 2 October... But things are crazy, my dad had colonoscopy on her birthday and the next day my two wisdom teethes was pulled. It's freaking sore! ><

But that not big scary news... My dad going have emergency operations... prostate is not only squeezes the fluid into the urethra, but also the large intestine. If they don't do something now... The large intestine is going pop.

I'm feel like crying now... I'm scared.

There is some good news... Were getting two puppies. One bull-mastiff that birthday gift for my mom and other we haven't decided yet. I'm trying to convince my mom and dad for Beagle, Bulldog or French Bulldog. 

Their cute.^^;

I remember staying all night up to finish this. So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!^^

Clip in the beginning:

Movie Studio Platinum 13.0
WACOM Bamboo

MMD Vocabeat Miku -

Rainbow Stage -

Starry Skydome - The link is dead.



My blood is boiling!

2017-10-02 07:40:15 by SailorMoonRocks01

Ugh! I just baked my mom birthday cake and, it's falling apart! So I turn into a birthday pudding instead. =_=


But that not what I'm so pissed off is, is the Doctor that treating my dad for his cancer fucked up! My gastroenterology doctor did colonoscopy on my dad and said the Prostate was never cut small!! And the in plant is making also him sick!


My gastroenterology doctor is looking for other doctor for my dad now.


I feel like we should sue him. =-=


*Having panic attack* SOMEONE IS IN GARDEN AND THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6399678_150681182841_439502b5a5c6dd8979548c6e0d2eb79e.gif

Marvel or DC?

2017-09-28 10:38:05 by SailorMoonRocks01

Okay... Here the thing... 


I was never into Super Heros stuff... Except Wonder Women and Spider man. That I was into. *Watch the movies and play Spider Man games*


Because... As kid I was overwhelmde by all these Super Heros! OwO *Mostley was into girly things... Still is*

I want to get into it but... I don't know where to start! I never read the comics or watch the cartoons!


I don't know where to start... WELP. OwO



My new PS Vita!

2017-09-27 16:18:51 by SailorMoonRocks01

My brother got me a PS Vita!



Does this happened to you, when you try to go to the notifications?6399678_150638100522_WTFDeviantArt.png



*Was given antibiotics and painkillers for my toothache* I'm feeling sleepy.... now...

My one wisdom tooth going be pulled on 3 October while I'm put asleep... Because it's infected. Boooooooooooooo!!!!!!


Then I'm going sort my stomach out...


I'm feeling soooooooooooo relax and sleepy... *Was high* This stuff works... No more pain.


Oh.... I'm getting a puppy next year.... A bullmastiff...X3

Why am I craving of Hambugers with fruits...

...... Okay.. I'm not going lie... I'm very depressed... because... Me and my mom had talk and...

I'm going book appointment to ask my doctor, to remove my large colon and rectum and closes off the anus.... My health isn't improving and to be honest... I try to avoid this... You saw many times, I change my mind how many times.

Because I hoped and pray that I... will be in remission without any heavy medication or operation... But I guess, it didn't work out... I lost the war... I been fighting this for 18 years... and I'm tired of it. The same tune over and over. I can't deal with shit anymore.

To point that... *Look down in shame* I want to jump out of window... But lucky I told my mom about it so she going do something, to stop my suffering. She found a few doctors we going talk to... She understand that I'm so depressed because... Everything is shit now! My dad has Cancer, my grandma is in hospital and I still losing blood! That for things need to change and I needs some happiness. 

So I did some thinking and made list of questions I'm going ask the doctors.

Also.... I did make goal for myself... and start or trying myself to think positive.

After this operation is done, I recovered and work for the money I need... I will go to Disney Land.

I always wanted to go but I couldn't.. Because of my health and had not enough money.

But now nothing going stop me anymore, since I'm not going have gut anymore so ya... I'm going work to go to Disney Land.

My mom and dad say, it's now to point I need to get my life back.

Sorry to make this a very, very depressing journal... it's just I need to get this off my chest.

If it were bad enough... I got my brother cold and feeling shitty.... =_=

My dad is in the hospital today and being operated.... Hopefully he feels better...