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Yo buds! This Celesté here! I mostly going post art and Animation!XD I'm just girl who loves anime, cartoons, drawing and games!X3

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Please Donated my Paypal

Posted by SailorMoonRocks01 - November 21st, 2017

Please help my gaming channel and help me make a living. :)


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Have you a Patreon? It would make the process a bit easier I guess

No I don't have Patreon. :(

That being said, I didn't hear about you until this post :P

Thanks for following me.:)

I went through your channel, and I have a few tips:

1) Gaming in youtube is heavily overdone nowadays. Being even moderately successful as a Let's Player requires a lot of marketing and / or creativity and variety. Your best bet is to carve out a niche for yourself in this place. Ask yourself, "Why am I doing Let's plays? What sets mine apart from some other's?" I'm not trying to discourage you, but think about what unique thing you have to offer that some other letsplayers don't. Or, it needn't even be unique, but something better.

2) Your let's plays were all direct screen recordings. Most Let's plays I've seen usually have a narrator, or a guy sitting at the desk (so you can see their reaction as they play the game). The second part is not really necessary, nor is the first, but it would be preferable to at least introduce the game, or why you're playing the game, or what you think of the game, or whatever, before, during or after playing it. Otherwise it just looks like there's no effort involved in it at all.

3) There's way too many uploads. About what, 6 videos in one day? That's far too many even for a prolific Youtuber. Sometimes, scarcity (artificial or otherwise) can make things better.

Good luck!

Thanks for the input.:)

I like playing games and it's stress reliever and I don't have camera to recorded myself reaction the game.:(

I don't have space for it and... I'm camera shy...

I can upload two videos a day because, where I live the internet is shitty as hell.:(

You don't need a camera, really. I'm camera shy too, and it's the Internet, more people -should- be camera shy. That being said, a microphone alone is good enough, if you've got a microphone then you could narrate what's happened so far or you could just record yourself speaking (or reacting; some exaggerate their reactions because, well, it's entertainment). Even something like a little narration goes a long way.

Also, you misunderstood, I'm not saying you need to upload 6 videos in a day, that was the figure I remember seeing in your channel. I'm saying the exact opposite, DON'T upload so many. Like, don't upload even 2 in one day because that'll dilute your viewership - it'll seem more like flooding than anything. Upload once every two days, or every day at MOST (ie less frequently). Make sure you do this after the previous changes, though.

As for your niche, what are you trying to offer that's different? In other words, why should I see YOUR let's play as compared to say Average Joe's let's play? Some people answer this question with: "Ah! My difference is that my performance art is part of it! I have costumes, and special effects, the whole nine yards!" other say "I try to make it funny!" others say "I'm dead serious and good at what I do, no random bullshit!" and yet others say "I only play the latest and greatest!" while others say "I only play the old games!"

You could try hunting for niche games that nobody else has played. Think really old games that haven't seen the light of day on youtube. Obviously these are going to be rather hard to find, because nearly every damn game has a Let's Play, but look for those ones which are done less (as compared to very popular ones like FF, LoZ, PvZ, etc). These won't have a high audience because, again, not too many people would know or care about these games, but the ones that do care about niche games will be a loyal fanbase. In other words, carving out a niche for yourself pretty much guarantees an audience; the size of it, though, will be smaller than expected, and it is rather hard to carve out a niche for yourself nowadays.

And all this is assuming you want to make your channel popular. If you're playing games as a means for destressing and enjoying, and your Youtube is secondary to it, then by all means continue; but if your main goal is to make your channel successful, then these tips apply. Otherwise, don't bother with these, just keep uploading, because your enjoyment would be more valuable to you than online video views. It depends on your priorities. I wouldn't make a Let's Play channel because I like video games for what they are, and turning that into Let's Plays would take way too much time and it would ultimately turn me off gaming for good. So IF I were to make LPs then I would just keep uploading videos with not a care in the world, who knows, maybe some people would start watching someday.