I'm going have operation.

2017-07-02 08:11:04 by SailorMoonRocks01

Well you read the title right... I'm going make a appointment to.... remove my whole large colon, rectum and anus...

I been suffering with ulcerative colitis for 18 years and my health isn't improving... The medications isn't working anymore and I don't have life....

I really need a change in my life...


To be honest... I'm scared...


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2017-07-02 09:16:10

Don't be scared! It will be alright! ;) Just try to not to think about it, think about things that you like.


2017-07-02 09:28:27

It's normal to be afraid but know that you are bigger than your fear/s.My mother felt the same way too before she underwent surgery for her gallstones but nevertheless,she put her faith in the medical team and things went smoothly.You can't stop fear or any negative thoughts from appearing but you can control it by doing your favourite things and living your life to the fullest(only if it's not affected by your health).This will show that your love for life is and will always be greater than any form of fear.Whenever I'm going through a tough time,I try to listen to this song and so I thought I'd share it with you:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgm9lkTNQmc

No matter how bad a situation is,always believe that there's a silver lining.I will keep you in my prayers and stay strong!

SailorMoonRocks01 responds:

Thank you very much. :)

I'm feeling much better about the operation now. :)


2017-07-02 20:41:23

I'm sure things will turn out well and if you need someone to talk to,I'll be around!

SailorMoonRocks01 responds:

Thank you.:)


2017-07-15 20:16:00

How are you now?

SailorMoonRocks01 responds:

Much better. :)


2017-07-16 10:23:30

Ah,that's great!So I suppose the worst of your worries are now over,huh?

SailorMoonRocks01 responds:



2017-07-17 11:31:52

That's good to hear.You better rest up then.Get well soon!

SailorMoonRocks01 responds:

I will thanks!^^