This was good week!

2017-07-15 17:12:06 by SailorMoonRocks01

Wooow I haven't had good week in long time. I went shopping at flea market and found three nice murder mysteries books, two PlayStation 2 games and TanagOtchi!XD

Also my mom going help me get pet fish. We had fishes before when I was a kid, but they keep dying and I never know why until I did some research.... WE BEEN DOING IT WRONG!!

You never put fish in new tank just like that! The fish tank should cycling about a week before you put your fish in and also, you should test the water first! And another thing, we also feed the fishes that died with the wrong foods! We used flakes, that are bad for them, they say you overfeed them and makes the water dirty. They say pellets are better for them. One last thing I have to buy water because tap water is bad for them!   

I'm so happy I'm getting a fish!XD

Oh another thing is, me and my ex boyfriend slip up but were still friends.:)
We talked and realize are relationship wasn't going anywhere, and we decide it's best we stay as friends.:)

Oh and my brother surprise me this morning... he give me his old PlayStation 2 and Blue-ray player!XD

I am over the moon! I'm playing all my fav old games again!!


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2017-07-15 19:51:45

Sounds like you're having a blast,have fun!

SailorMoonRocks01 responds:

Thank I will! :D