WTF is going on with DeviantArt?

2017-09-25 19:10:31 by SailorMoonRocks01

Does this happened to you, when you try to go to the notifications?6399678_150638100522_WTFDeviantArt.png


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2017-09-25 19:32:26

Nah, but this happens for some reason.

SailorMoonRocks01 responds:

Looks like the DeviantArt staff, screw up again..


2017-09-25 23:25:04

All I get are dang Llama badges


2017-09-26 00:53:04

The site is old and broken and I'm somewhat disappointed SOPA/PIPA didn't kick it in the gonads and kill it while they could.


2017-09-27 01:26:34

I get that sometimes, but not frequently.